Best Practice no. 3, 2013

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Editorial, Søren Rode, Adm. direcktør.

Management and leadership – why?

Welcome to a new issue of ProData Consult's customer magazine Best Practices. This issue focuses on management advisory services and leadership. And why is that?

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Interview with Claus Flinck, Senior Adviser and Executive Partner at ProData Management.

Complexity management is fundamental

An Executive Partner at ProData Management, Claus Flinck has more than 30 years' experience in the IT industry. Over the years, he has held a variety of executive positions for major Danish and Nordic companies. In this interview, he gauges the mood of the Danish market, shares his experience and gives his take on the hallmarks of good IT management.

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Interview with John M. Nielsen.

When project management becomes a lifestyle

'Control is good. Trust is better.'
That is the motto of John M. Nielsen's own company. It is also a clear and pithy statement of what he wants to stand for as a human being and business partner: A kind of schematic and craftsmanlike approach to his profession, but where the soft values come up trumps the ability to look another person eye-to-eye and together find your way to mutual understanding and respect.

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Interview with Rasmus Holm, management consultant.

IT management for the initiated

Rasmus Holm is an independent IT consultant, currently working as a Senior Adviser on a major project for ProData Management. He has a long past in the public sector and thus knows all the ins and outs of the system. The official ones as well as those one never hears about.
Listen in.

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Interview with Niels Brandt, Managing Director.

Spot-on analysis at RealMæglerne

RealMæglerne is a network of independent estate agents with affiliates all over the country. RealMæglerne's main office and IT department was seeking an analysis of the chain's various IT platforms in the hunt for an optimal and future-proof operations model. ProData Management won the assignment and RealMæglerne are now in the process of implementing the recommended changes.

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ProData Consult in Warsaw has moved to new offices!

Nearshoring in Poland

The new offices are less than a 10-minute drive from the airport.

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