Best Practice no. 4, 2014

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Søren Rode, CEO.

New consolidated ProData Consult

ProData Consult and Interim Competence merged operations as of 1 January 2014. Together we are now Denmark’s largest consultancy within our segment, giving us an even better platform to serve our clients.

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A new heterogeneous group of database systems has captured the world's attention.

Not always SQL

In just a few years, a new heterogeneous group of database systems has captured the world's attention as a more and more obvious alternative to the relational database systems. This attention is fully deserved. NoSQL databases represent an approach to database technology that has the potential to fundamentally change enterprise IT architecture.

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Interview with Kim Gregers Petersen, Big Data & Analytics expert.

Big Data: Challenges and opportunities

Big Data is on everyone’s lips nowadays as a collection of technologies that can change the use of data the world over and in almost all types of businesses.

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Interview with Senior Developer Thomas Brask Jørgensen.

Working with NoSQL is like being a pioneer

Almost 15 years of experience with NoSQL and NoSQL-type databases have given ProData consultant Thomas Brask Jørgensen a deep insight into working with the new, fast-growing database technologies. Here he talks about his experience and also offers good advice to both businesses and colleagues.

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Interview with Software Architect consultant Vidar Ingebretsen, Standard Norway.

Norwegian standard based on NoSQL

The quest for better search capabilities and XML language led Standard Norway to replace its traditional SQL database with the NoSQL database Mark Logic. Earmark time and resources for skills retraining, advises the Standard Norway project manager. Otherwise you risk getting into trouble.

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The polyvalent database design of the future

It is not a question of either-or, but both-and, when it comes to choosing between RELATIONAL AND NOSQL DATABASES. So say database expert Martin Fowler and his colleague Pramod J. Sadalage in a book that includes focus on the ’PolyglotPersistence’ approach.

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